Linklist open in new windows

Notes : Whenever you make changes to the template, backup the current template PLUS the Page Elements first. Refer to Backup and edit New Blogger template or Backing up and changing New Blogger template. Remember also to edit your Page Elements one by one and save them into preferably the same folder as the one where you save the backup template. Some Page Elements may be deleted or become empty Page Elements if you reload the backup template.

Here is how you can make links open in new windows:

1) Sign into Dashboard


3) Check EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATES box. You will need to look for a block of code.

4) After the template has been expanded, look for this block of codes:

<div id="link">
<b:loop values="data:links" var="link">
<a href="data:link.target">

5) Look particularly for this code:

<a href="data:link.target">

6) Add it with :

<a href="data:link.target" target="_blank">

(notes: make sure have one spacing before your type target="_blank")

7) Then click safe, now your link list open in new windows...good luck.

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